Saturday, July 1, 2017

Review: The Truth We Bury


This is my last post until I return in mid-August. I've satisfied all my NetGalley reviews until September :)
See you when I see you, and enjoy your summer-- reading and otherwise!

The Truth We Bury by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Kindle Edition, 306 pages
Expected publication: July 25th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing 
received from the publisher through NetGalley for a fair and honest review

Barbara Taylor Sissel does it again with a contemporary, dysfunctional family "women's fiction" sure to satisfy her fans, and fans of the genre. I've read several of her novels and am always pleased by the interesting characterizations and the Texas settings. This dialogue is authentic and the plot will pull you in. I enjoyed this one as much as Faultlines, Safekeeping, and Body of Evidence. This one also deals with a mystery, to boot (no pun intended).

Without giving away too much of the plot I can say it deals with two dissimilar families being thrown together for an upcoming wedding-- one is wealthy and privileged, but keeping secrets, and the other is run by a single parent who struggles to pay the bills and keep a firm hand on her free-spirited daughter. The story is also heavily impacted by a PTSD theme and doesn't skirt around the issue of how we should treat returning soldiers who are suffering from this invisible disability. Add to the mix the discourse in a multi-generational relationship between three generations on the family ranch-- and not one, but two, murders of young women-- and you have a book sure to keep you turning the pages late at night!
4/5 star rating

Friday, June 30, 2017

Month in Review- Paging through June

This post is pre-scheduled to link up to Kathryn's Month in Review, with the last book added as a tweak. I'm still packing, stressing, cleaning, stressing.... and oh yea, reading up a storm! It's great for calming that pesky stress!

Paging Through Books in June 2017- 
A Month in Review

June is gone already...we always say time flies... and it does! Seems like only last week I was taking part in Kim's HoHoHo Holiday Challenge and now it's July. Uh, what?!

Reading can make time fly too; you get engrossed in a book and suddenly you're late for work or school, dinner is burning on the stove, or it's way past the time you planned on going to sleep.

Here are the titles I read in June, all of them good, some very good; all are 4/5- 5/5 stars I rated on GR. Add them to your TBR list, crack open a new book or two or three, and before you know it we'll be reading Christmas stories again :) !
 This was my best reading month all year and of the last couple of years, too. In my 6+ years of blogging, I would say that I only duplicated this rate of reading (and reviewing so many of them, to boot!) less than 3 or 4 times, for sure! I consistently read 2- 2 1/2 books a week and review one of them, possibly 2... unless I get in a major slump, or am involved with vacation/company/illness, then it's even less.

The stars aligned, or more probably... I made some really great selections from NetGalley... I was motivated to read & review them before I moved so I could concentrate on my September requests when we get there... I double-downed on two fave authors,  Nora Roberts and Lisa Scottoline to ensure my pleasure... and most of the others were repeat & enjoyed authors. And the nonfiction essay book by Scottoline was such a quick (but fun) read that I finished it up pronto! Miss Bridgerton was an easy read and done in one afternoon also. So... how'd I do?

read: 13

fiction: 12/13

my choice of genre cubby-holes:
suspense/procedural/mystery:  2
general fiction: 1
humor: 1
romantic suspense: 1
fantasy: 1
historical romance: 1
"women's" contemporary fiction: 3

new to me authors:  5/13 titles
male to female ratio: 2:11 authors
part of a series?: 6/13 books
NetGalley titles: 10/13 titles
recommend? 13/13 of them!

favorite (s) of the month
Come Sundown by Nora Roberts


very close runners-up:    
-Because of Miss Bridgerton
-Paradise Valley
-I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool

unless noted:
~hope you get a chance to pick up at least a couple of these this summer~
  1. A Merciful Truth- Kendra Elliot
  2. The Weight of Lies-Emily Carpenter
  3. Because of Miss Bridgerton- Julia Quinn- not reviewed, not NG
  4. The Last Place You Look- Kristen Lepionka
  5. The Right Side- Spencer Quinn
  6. When We Were Worthy- Marybeth Whalen Turner- (review to come near release)
  7. UNSUB- Meg Gardiner
  8. Stars of Fortune- Nora Roberts- not reviewed, not NG
  9. Come Sundown- Nora Roberts- not reviewed, not NG
  10. One Perfect Lie-  Lisa Scottoline
  11. In This Moment- Karma Brown
  12. Paradise Valley- C.J. Box
  13. I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool- Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella